Welcome To The New Boom.

1_0004_1-BTCYou’re tech savvy, smart and you know a great opportunity when you see one; you’ve heard about ‘digital money’ or ‘cryptocurrencies’ like the now well known Bitcoin(c) and you’re more than a little curious. This is great news for you if that’s the case as you are entering a marketplace that is still in its infancy yet is well on course for becoming the biggest marketing trend since the ‘Dot com boom’ of the 1990s.

Banxmint are proud to announce the new digital currency BanxCoin(c), the perfect choice for this new and exciting marketplace. Each and every Banxcoin is a physical coin which you can touch, hold, feel and more importantly collect as part of an investment. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about installing any unsightly and hard to learn software (unless you want to). All you need to do is ‘Click Buy Coins’ select the amount you want and boom…you’re in the fastest growing industry of the decade.

Welcome to the new era in investment opportunites, it’s great to have you onboard.