More Secure Than a Bank Vault

lockAnytime a website, or company, has access to the private keys associated with a bitcoin address, it means that they have access to move the bitcoins that are stored at that address.   During the manufacturing process of making Banx bitcoins that include a private key underneath the hologram, we create and print the 22-digit code which is required for a Banx Bitcoin owner to redeem that coin’s value.

This 22-digit code is EXTREMELY sensitive information and we protect it with a three part security policy: Data Safety, Secure Storage, and Access control Data safety.   The computers and printers used to create those redemption codes are permanently offline, and any hardware that would enable them to get online has been disabled or removed.  Once a redemption code has been printed, all digital records of the full 22-digit code are securely erased.  This includes securely wiping and overwriting the hard drives of the computers used to generate the codes as well as clear the temporary memory on the printers used to print them.  If a misprint occurs and a code is reprinted, the misprints are destroyed immediately.  The ONLY COPY of that 22-digit code is the one that resides underneath the hologram on our private key coins.

Secure Storage.  We create private keys on-demand as required.  As such, we avoid storing printed codes whenever possible.  Our goal is to minimize any opportunities for the codes to be exposed to anyone, including our staff.  This means that they are generally printed immediately before being placed underneath the holograms of the coins they are being assigned to.  However, even an assembled coin represents a possible vulnerability.  Once our private key coins have been assembled and sealed in their protective cases, they are securely stored under lock and key at an undisclosed location.  We treat storage of private key coins with the same care and policy that we us for the precious metal bullion in our keeping.

Access Control.  After the codes are printed, and before they are assembled underneath a hologram, there are people that handle the printed private keys.  Our coins are assembled under supervision and surveillance, and each coin is given a time stamp in our production logs which records when the coin was assembled and who was involved in its assembly.  Access to work on private key coin assembly is limited to individuals that have proven that they can show the utmost attention to detail and are aware the security risks associated with handling private keys.  Our staff feels the needs and concerns of the growing bitcoin community on our shoulders and we care deeply for the integrity of products we produce.