Redeem your Coin

Each BanxMint™ coin is a unique and collectible item which are a topic of conversation no matter where you showcase them.  The BanxMint™ coin’s value
can be removed at any time. Follow these simple steps to transfer the value of your BanxMint™  coin directly to your bitcoin wallet.


step1Step 1:

Congratulations On Purchasing Your coin

(Feel free to take it in your hand and see and feel the quality that we put into each and every coin)

step2Step 2:

Keep Your Coin ID Safe

(Write it down, take a photo or add it to a safe file on your computer, whatever you do make sure you keep it safe).


Step 3:

Peel off the Hologram Seal

(Sometimes these can be a little tricky to start to peel but that’s just because we’ve secured it so well)

step4Step 4:

Find the private key

After you have removed the security hologram seal, you need to look for an 51-digit number printed onto a piece of plastic hidden underneath the seal. Do not lose this code, as the coin’s value cannot be redeemed without it.

step5Step 5:

Import the private key

You can now import your wallet to a digital version to enable you to spend your bitcoin/litecoin. is the easiest place to get started. Just sign up for an account and click wallet then import/export and enter the private key there to redeem your coins